Designed for your child’s developing brain
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Our company is dedicated to creating warm childhood memories that will last a lifetime.

Designed for your child’s developing brain.

KUMBA toys were created by parents and childhood development specialists based on empiracal data that play based, tactile learning is the best way to nourish young children’s brain development. Each KUMBA toy or True Dough set meets our strict standards of quality, safety, educational value, and above all, joy.

Our Story

The creation of KUMBA began with the goal of its founders to create high quality and mindfully crafted toys that would nourish childhood development while protecting the environment. They had trouble finding toys on the market that met all of their criteria, thus, KUMBA toys was born.

Environmentally Conscious Play

We teach our children through example, and what could set a better example than playing with toys that are safe for the environment? KUMBA wooden block animals and True Dough are always crafted using eco-friendly, recyclable materials that are safe for your little ones and Mother Earth.

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April 15th, 2021

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February 18th, 2021

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February 2th, 2021

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December 23th, 2020

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December 16th, 2020

A playroom is a safe, creative space for kids of all ages. Besides being a room where parents can place their kids during the workday, it is also a room where kids can let their...

Sensory Play for Growing Minds.

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For every 15 toys that we sell, we will send one toy to a foster home.