Designed for your child’s developing brain
October 26th, 2020

Welcome to the World of KUMBA Toys

While it is easy to occupy children with video games, they are not necessarily going to get an educational experience sitting in front of a video screen. KUMBA Toys provides your kids with DIY toys that offer both educational and entertaining activities.

Unlike other toy brands, KUMBA Toys engages your children and makes their imagination an important part of their recreational time. We offer two different toy options that provide fun, learning benefits and creative opportunities:


  • The creativity of children shines as they get to decide what they want to make when they play with the dough. Their ideas come to life by rolling, shaping and sculpting the natural TRUE DOUGH product.
  • Younger children develop and refine their fine motor skills. They build strength in their developing hands and finger by squeezing, shaping and rolling organic TRUE DOUGH into whatever shape they can dream.
  • A healthy imagination leads to a stronger vocabulary. Kids use a variety of words to describe and name the shapes they are creating. Descriptive words about colors and textures increase their vocabulary and allow parents to introduce new concepts and phrases to their kids.

KUMBA Wooden Toys

  • Kids of all ages will enjoy playing with KUMBA Wooden Toys as they are safe for a baby, preschoolers and kids of school-age development age.
  • These colorful and engaging toys have magnetic blocks so the individual toy pieces stick together.
  • Kids can connect the wooden toy pieces to make animals they know or they can use parts from different animals to create an animal direct from their imagination.
  • Imaginative play opportunities abound thanks to the multiple combinations of wooden toy pieces in each KUMBA Toys kit.

Parents can be assured that the staff of KUMBA Toys keeps the safety of their kids in mind when designing and manufacturing our products. All KUMBA products are eco-friendly and meet or exceed international toy testing standards as well as our own high-quality product standards. In addition, all KUMBA Toys conform to CPSC safety standards.

KUMBA Toys are colorful and give kids the chance to express their emotions and feelings through high quality, imaginative play in either an outdoor setting or indoors on a rainy day. Parenting experts know that sensory play is vital to the development of kids as these activities stimulate their sense of smell, touch and taste and can also help to engage their movement and balance skills.

If you are new to the world of KUMBA Toys… Welcome!

If your kids are already fans of KUMBA Toys… We are glad you are visiting us again!

From magnetic puzzles to safe, non-toxic dough, KUMBA Toys has you covered with safe, smart, sustainable, inspired designs that bring families together for fun, friendly, fantastic play time.

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For every 15 toys that we sell, we will send one toy to a foster home.