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October 30th, 2020

TRUE DOUGH – 8 Developmental Benefits for Children

Children love toys that are creative and DIY fun at the same time. This means all kids love TRUE DOUGH! It provides hours of entertainment and allows them to use their imagination to create the shapes and sizes they have in mind when they sit down to play.

TRUE DOUGH provides multiple benefits that help kids expand their mind and developmental skills. Let’s take a look at the benefits kids gain from TRUE DOUGH:

  1. Motor Skills Development – While it might look like kids are simply rolling and molding TRUE DOUGH into various shapes, they are also building the amount of strength they have in their young hands. The process of rolling, compressing and flattening works to develop muscles in their smaller hands so they can enjoy fine motor skills for holding objects and educational activities like writing in the future. The continued amount of time children spend creating a variety of shapes will also improve their hand-eye coordination.
  2. Calm Playtime – iPads and video games can be entertaining but they can also cause kids to become overly hyper during a game or activity. Playing with TRUE DOUGH helps to relieve stress, ease emotions and dampen excess energy. Worries and problems fade away when a child plays with an eco-friendly container of TRUE DOUGH flour toys.
  3. Increased Curiosity – The moment when a child mixes together different colors of TRUE DOUGH means he or she will be curious to see what it looks like once their creation is finished. The child will also want to see if the mixed TRUE DOUGH color makes the same shapes as the other colors. These moments of colorful creation encourage imagination and curiosity.
  4. Emotional Development – TRUE DOUGH gives kids a playtime outlet that is not always supervised or structured. They can experience playtime that is either cooperative or independent. In either type of environment, kids are experiencing and exploring emotions and learning more about their abilities. If they are playing with other kids or adults, the children learn how to collaborate in relationships and cooperate with friends and family.
  5. Improved Language Skills – As kids talk about what they are feeling, as well as what they are creating, they are expanding and improving their vocabulary skills. Kids also learn to listen when they are asking questions. TRUE DOUGH expands and improves their communication and language skills.
  6. Science and Math Skills – The process of playing with TRUE DOUGH involves creating shapes and comparing different sizes. In turn, these actions expose kids to a wide variety of science and math concepts and increase their overall knowledge about shapes and colors.
  7. Tactile Exploration – Children are tactile beings and they are often best at learning through sensory activities. TRUE DOUGH lets them learn about consistencies and textures in an interactive hands-on manner.
  8. Increased Imagination – TRUE DOUGH leads kids to create their own play scenarios. They might make a farm filled with various animals they need to “feed”. They might also create a meal using TRUE DOUGH and ask someone to “taste” their creation. Imaginative play is an important part of childhood development and something that all parenting experts agree makes a well-rounded child.


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