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February 2th, 2021

Sustainable Play – Make the Move to Eco-Friendly Toys

In the past, it seemed like plastic was everywhere in toys for kids and this meant they were harder to recycle than items such as glass, paper or aluminum. In the last few years, there has been a push towards businesses “going green” and offering eco-friendly products that include both the packaging and the actual product itself. Let’s take a closer look at eco-friendly toys and why now is the time to make a move towards buying them.

What are Eco-Friendly Toys?

Toys that are eco-friendly are made from materials that are natural or sustainably sourced as well as paints and materials that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Wooden eco-friendly toys, like KUMBA toys, are often made from sustainably sourced wood from tress such as maple or birch. Oak trees are not a popular choice as they do not grow back as fast as the maple and birch trees used for eco-friendly toys.

In general, sustainable toys are made from:

  • Materials that are natural and renewable and do not pollute the environment
  • Materials that do not release any greenhouse gases or carbons when they are being manufactured

In addition, the location where they are manufactured is normally close to where they are distributed so the environmental impact of transporting them is greatly reduced.

While it takes a little more time and effort to create toys that are environmentally friendly, companies that manufacture eco-friendly toys are committed to producing products that reduce their carbon footprint.

Items to Keep in Mind when Shopping for Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids

  • Choose quality over quantity as buying eco-friendly toys that are better for the environment helps to continue the carbon reduction process in a home. Plus, it also saves money since buying better quality toys means they last longer and less money is spent on buying toys for kids.
  • Stay away from cheap plastic toys that clutter a room and are not good for the environment. Replacing plastic blocks with eco-friendly wooden blocks is an affordable and sustainable toy option.
  • Look at the labels on toys to make sure the retailer and manufacturer specialize in producing sustainable toys. Look for toys that are created using all natural materials without dyes or artificial finishes covering the product.

Don’t Toss Out Plastic Toys…Yet

Households that currently have plastic toys should not rush to get rid of them. Some of the toys might be sentimental gifts from family members or a long-time favorite of a child. Plus, don’t be wasteful and throw out a toy that is working simply to replace it with another toy.

Plan ahead and make the next toy purchase an eco-friendly toy, like KUMBA magnetic wooden educational toys, that are both fun and made of quality materials through experienced craftsmanship. Making the transition to eco-friendly toys might seem like a big challenge at the beginning but doing proper research and reading about eco-friendly toy companies and manufacturers makes the entire process easier for all shoppers.

KUMBA takes the act of preserving the environment seriously and our customers can be assured that all of our products are educational, imagination inspiring and made of eco-friendly materials that protect the earth.

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