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March 22th, 2021

Shapes and Colors – Endless Ideas

As kids develop mentally and physically, they will start to learn more about the world around them including recognizing basic shapes and colors. The act of learning more about these various shapes and colors is more fun and interactive when it is performed in a hands-on manner. Children are eager to take an active part in learning about shapes and colors so make their playtime an educational experience with the following ideas that keep them engaged and curious.

Shapes and Colors – Ideas for Learning

The first step in the shapes and colors learning process is providing children with a manipulative item that promotes creativity, imagination, problem solving and discovery. An ideal choice for a manipulative item is True Dough Natural Flour. This soft and safe natural flour provides hours of colorful fun as kids can create multiple shapes that are only limited by their imagination.

Plan some activities for the kids to enjoy while they are learning about shapes and colors. These activities can include:

  • Make lines or patterns that feature different colors in each line or pattern
  • Create a rectangle or a square or a circle
  • Once these shapes are created, go on a scavenger hunt around the house or outdoors and look for real-life objects that have the same shapes
  • Combine the colors and make a shape that is colored like a rainbow
  • Discuss the differences between each shape with the child and have them explain what makes each shape unique
  • Create a story as the shapes and colors are being manipulated by the child so the power of the imagination is being used to its full potential
  • Make a large circle and then surround the circle with smaller shapes and colors
  • Talk about the different shapes and colors and have the child share which ones are their favorite (and why)

Besides being a fun activity for children, the activities listed above help to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, matching, sorting, color recognition, shape recognition, classifying, experimenting, creativity and imaginative play.

When it is time to play with shapes and colors, let the child lead the way and design what they see in their mind. Besides letting kids show off their imagination and creative powers, it will also give insights into their personality and the way they view the world around them. The ideas for playing with shapes and colors are endless and children will feel empowered to take the lead with this fun and interactive activity.

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