Designed for your child’s developing brain
November 22th, 2020

Easy Ways to Keep Children Entertained

Kids are active and almost always in the mood to run and play outdoors. However, the global pandemic known as COVID-19 is forcing parents to find constant ways to keep their children entertained inside their home. When kids are stuck indoors on days when it is raining or parents want to keep them away from crowds due to the pandemic, KUMBA has safe and simple activities the whole family can enjoy. They are easy to set-up and ideal for DIY activities or family playtime.

KUMBA Toys Entertains Kids

Children of all ages can enjoy hours of fun with KUMBA toys.

Our magnetic wooden toys come in three wooden blocks that offer multiple configuration possibilities. Plus, the magnets are hidden so kids won’t be able to reach them or remove them from the toys. No danger of losing or swallowing the magnets during their creative time playing with the magnetic blocks.

Kids of all ages will love True Dough colorful natural flour that is safe and non-toxic. The six molds are toddler-safe and can be rolled and sculpted into any number of shapes and designs. 

Entertainment and Education Go Hand in Hand

 On days when kids need to stay indoors and play, KUMBA Toys are a great way to combine entertainment and education at the same time. 

With True Dough, kids can decide what shapes they want to create in order to represent the ideas they have in mind. True Dough is also a great stress relief toy as kids and parents can both relax from the stress of everyday life while playing with True Dough. Rolling the colorful, eco-friendly flour toy can be a focused activity or something that can be done while letting the mind roam free after a long day of work or school.

Plus, True Dough also develops fine motor skills that build strength in developing hands and fingers. It even helps to refine skills for older kids and adults of all ages.

KUMBA Magnetic Toys help to expand the imagination and allow kids to bring their ideas to life by combining the magnetic animal pieces into any configuration they desire. The more KUMBA Magnetic Toy sets they have, the more possibilities they have to imagine and create animal combinations nobody has even seen before. They can even create their own world by combining the magnetic pieces into various configurations.

Don’t worry if a rainy day is on the way. KUMBA Toys can keep kids of all ages busy. They will be having so much fun enjoying imaginative play that they won’t even notice how much they are learning each time they play with KUMBA. Play time is learning time with KUMBA Toys!

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For every 15 toys that we sell, we will send one toy to a foster home.