Designed for your child’s developing brain
April 15th, 2021

DIY Montessori Inspired Activities for Pre-School Children

The Montessori methods of education are based on a number of items including self-directed activity, collaborative play and hands-on learning. In general, children that are taught using the Montessori methods are able to make creative choices while learning in a classroom that offers age-appropriate activities as part of the process. With the rise of homeschool learning in the last year, many parents have been looking for new DYI Montessori inspired activities for their kids. If you are the parent of a young child that is pre-school age, check out the DYI activities below for educational and entertaining ideas for your kids.

DIY Activities based on the Montessori Method

These activity ideas are designed to encourage learning, improve concentration and hand-eye coordination and also offer continued development of the senses and fine motor skills:

  • “Opening and closing” activities are always a hit as kids love to open little bags, boxes and purses. Place items inside the containers so kids can take them out and then return them while also developing their fine motor skills.
  • Matching games increase their concentration and retention skills. Print out two sheets of photos with a matching picture on each sheet. Cut the photos into separate pieces of paper and then shuffle and arrange them where the child can only turn over one picture at a time. The activity is over when all of the matching pictures are found.
  • Gather some light, easy to hold, squeezable balls or True Dough colorful natural flour to throw into a basket. Besides being a fun game, it helps to improve both their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • Pouring water from a pitcher or a bottle into a glass is a practical skill kids will need to know how to perform in their daily lives. In addition, it develops their finger strength along with their concentration.
  • Find photos or magnets of different animals to work on their memory skills. Ask your child to sort them by animals that swim, fly or walk on the land.
  • Cleaning their outside toys is both helpful and a great way to teach kids to follow specific steps for an activity. Place the dirty toys in the kitchen and create a series of steps that starts with filling a pitcher with water. Have soap and a brush next to the pitcher and then wash and dry the toy.
  • Take outdoor nature walks and identify different flowers, animals and object like rocks and logs. Their verbal skills will improve along with their ability to recognize and remember items.



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