Designed for your child’s developing brain
December 23th, 2020

Boost the Creativity of Kids with KUMBA

The holidays are coming. The gift giving season is often full of difficult decisions for parents. Do they buy toys that exist simply to give children something to play with or toys that encourage creativity and inspired design?

KUMBA has you covered with magnetic toys that are ideal for relaxing playtime as well as the perfect toy for using their imagination and developing fine motor skills.

KUMBA magnetic wooden toys are all-natural and free of harmful plastics. They let the creative abilities of the imagination run free as kids can build and create their favorite animals. They can also decide to design animals that are brand new and waiting for your kids to give them a name.

Smart play is one of the main benefits parents will see their children experience when they play with these stacking, sustainable wooden toys. They are ideal for individual playtime as well as playing and sharing with their siblings or friends. Kids of all ages enjoy a creative boost when they sit down to play with KUMBA.

Magnetic puzzles, such as our stackable toys, are an effective and excellent way to promote creativity. KUMBA toys invite kids to use their imaginations to build and create what they see in their minds. Children of a young age have active and fertile imaginations that are stimulated when they are curious about new toys. Activate their imagination and watch their motor skills develop as they stack, build and manipulate the toys.

Parents don’t need to worry because the magnets are hidden in the toys so little hands can’t get to them. Plus, the magnetic blocks are easy to pull apart so there is little danger of frustration or negative emotions form toddlers as they play with KUMBA.

Our toys provide hours of creative play without the fear of repetition that comes with many toys. The only limit kids have with KUMBA toys is the amount of time you let them play per day. There are multiple combinations available with each set of toys so no two playtimes are the same!  

Children will love our toys made of high-quality, magnetic switchable blocks for years to come. They are fun for the whole family as kids get to create animals and parents get to watch their kids enjoy improved hand-eye coordination, experimentation and shape recognition.

Learn more about how to get KUMBA magnetic wooden toys for your kids today!

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