Designed for your child’s developing brain
December 16th, 2020

Best Playroom Toys for Every Age

A playroom is a safe, creative space for kids of all ages. Besides being a room where parents can place their kids during the workday, it is also a room where kids can let their DIY creativity take control.



Playtime is also the time to learn when kids are young. KUMBA knows that children like to use this time for imaginative play that takes them to places beyond their playroom. Our line of toys allows kids to create new worlds full of fun and adventure.

True Dough sculpting clay is a relaxing, creative outlet for children. Some kids like to focus on their task and create a specific object. Other kids like to simply relax, let their mind wander and see what happens when they play with True Dough. No matter how kids use their imagination, True Dough offers an open-ended nature of playing which means children can create simple or elaborate play scenarios.



Kids of all ages also love KUMBA magnetic, switchable wooden toys. They can build their favorite animals or create animals that have never been seen before by children or adults.

Once your kids have KUMBA toys in their house, it is time to make sure they have plenty of space in their playroom to let their creativity shine. KUMBA toys are designed to let your kids wander the room, explore their space and use their creations wherever they desire in the room. A rug or mat will help to keep little hands and legs safe from scrapes when they are letting their imagination run wild on the floor. A work table is also ideal for both creative time and an easy place to place their toys when they are not playing.



Safety is our number one priority so all KUMBA toys are created with your kids in mind. The materials we use are non-toxic and eco-friendly so you won’t have to worry if your kids are safe while playing with True Dough or KUMBA magnetic blocks.

Your kids will get years of enjoyment out of their playroom and also from their imaginative, educational KUMBA toys. KUMBA makes the playroom the number one destination in the house and a great place to develop the fine motor skills of toddlers and preschoolers.

Make KUMBA a daily part of your playroom today.

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